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 African Beach Holiday

The beaches of Africa are a sliver of paradise with crystal seas, white sandy shorelines and endless blue skies: the picture-perfect place to relax.

Luxuriate in the unspoilt beauty of Mozambique, surrender to the allure of Mauritius and submit to the splendour of Mombasa. Dip your toes in the tropical warmth of the Indian Ocean, allow the afternoon sun to lull you into doing little and let the soothing sway of the hammock help you unwind from the thrill of a safari.

Find calm with spa treatments: permit yourself the pleasure of a candle-lit massage, allow the gentle bubble of the Jacuzzi to relieve you and then de-stress in the steam room.  Take the weight off your feet and allow a butler service the draw you a bath or fetch you an ice-cooled, beachside cocktail. Indulge in the evenings at Africa’s finest coastal restaurants where freshly caught fish is expertly prepared – the ideal long day tonic.

Those with the energy to do more should make the most of the water: go diving, exploring the exotic marine life and experiencing the vibrant colours of the coral reefs; take a catamaran across the sun kissed cyan seas to feel the gentle breeze on your face; or raise your heart rate with a jet-ski ride because before you know the call of Africa’s secluded coves and the coast’s idyllic pace of life becomes too inviting to ignore.

With an African beach holiday you can’t help but return home relaxed, rested and refreshed.

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