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 Safari Weddings in Kenya

 With its seemingly endless savannah plains, rugged mountainous interior, ancient rainforests and beautiful coastline it is no wonder that Kenya is an increasingly popular wedding destination.

The guaranteed sunshine of the African climate (if you avoid the main rainy season between April and May) means that there is one less thing to worry about in the run up to your big day.

The savannah plains of Kenya give you exactly the type of wedding that you desire! Kenya is more than just a superb honeymoon safari destination. The people, wildlife and landscapes of Kenya are the perfect place to share your commitment, devotion and everlasting love. An adventurous Kenyan tour also brings out your inner explorer and evokes a natural child-like curiosity.

Choose your marriage ceremony site from some of Kenya’s premier national parks and reserves, including Masai Mara, Samburu, Amboseli, Tsavo East, Lake Naivasha and Laikipia. When the day arrives, you awaken to a golden sunrise that paints the grassy plains in glorious light. Elephants, giraffes, buffalos, zebras, impalas and other grazers slowly make their way to watering holes, emitting low grunts and other sounds to communicate amongst others in the herds. Majestic lions, stealthy leopards, opportunist hyenas, spotty cheetahs and other carnivores keep close watch over the prey animals, awaiting the opportunity to garner food for their families.

 To ensure a personal experience head for a private conservation area – these are Africa’s best kept secret. These exclusive game reserves are away from the crowds and have unsurpassed game-viewing with the opportunity to see all of Africa’s “Big Five” as well as many other important species.

 Wedding ceremonies can be arranged at private, scenic viewpoints with stunning vistas across the game-filled landscape. Maasai traditional customs and blessings can be included to make a very special and spiritual experience.

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Beach Weddings in Kenya

Many couples dream of an exotic wedding on an idyllic white beach – and Kenya’s beautiful coastline is perfect. A broad range of luxury and boutique hotels on the Kenya coast offer civil ceremonies or blessings / renewal of vows surrounded by colourful tropical gardens or overlooking the azure waters of the Indian Ocean. Ceremonies on the ocean can also be arranged – in a traditional dhow boat. To feel extra-special, it is worth looking for a hotel that guarantees only one wedding per day.

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